Benefits of Kratom Products

There are many natural products out there that are sometimes far better and healthier than some commercial drugs sold in pharmacies. One such example is Kratom. Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom is a word for a species of tree that grows native in Southeast Asia. Kratom plant shares some similarities to coffee plants. Its leaves are known to contain substance that is beneficial to human health and they are used for making Kratom products.

Kratom leaves have been used for centuries by the indigenous people from the Southeast Asia for all sorts of illnesses. As the world becomes smaller, its popularity and use has spread even to the western countries. Although there is officially not a large body of evidence supporting or rejecting its efficacy, Kratom plant has been used by people all over the world who have reported significant improvements. Kratom powder is produced from its leaves and it has a wide range of benefits, including:

Mental stimulation
Do you sometimes feel lifeless, and tired, even though you just woke up? People all around the world are reporting these symptoms. Constant fatigue, headaches and exhaustion are in most cases a product of the modern way of living. Kratom is known to provide mental stimulation and sharpness, boosts energy levels and therefore increases work productivity. Kratom products are also reported to enhance motivation and mental sharpness, and they make people feel more optimistic and happy.

Anxiety and depressions
Of all the benefits, Kratom products are most famous for their mood-elevating and calming effect. That’s why they have been used to soothe and overcome different forms of anxiety and panic attacks, as well as depressive moods.

Low blood pressure
If you suffer from high blood pressure, Kratom products can help you (along with your regular medications) lower your blood pressure. This plant can help you bring your blood pressure down naturally and with known side-effects.

Natural pain killer
When ingested, Kratom affects the cell receptors responsible for pain, which is why many people use Kratom as a natural analgesic. This is especially useful for people suffering from chronic pains, who have to take pain-killers on a daily basis. Unlike some other herbs known to relieve pain like Opium – Kratom is not as nearly as addictive. In fact, Kratom is used to treat patients addicted to Opium.
Kratom products are also known to fight diarrhea.

Kratom Users Guide

Mitragyna speciosa or Kratom is an herbal tree, with leaves used as sedative at high doses and stimulant at low doses. It is likewise used as an opiate addiction treatment, recreational drug, diarrhea medicine, as well as a painkiller. Kratom powder can be mixed with water or juice, and consumed. Its leaves can also be brewed to make the tea; however, one can also use Kratom powder to make an instant tea. Kratom leaves can be smoked as well, but it is not recommended as it will kill all the alkaloids present in the leaves. Also, it is impractical to do, because it will not make the ideal Kratom dose.

Lets’ talk about Kratom effects and dosage. Most importantly, moderate or mild doses last up to 4-5 hours; however, Kratom effects differ, based on body mass and general tolerance. You should take caution, be wise with your dose, start with a low dose, and consume it as per the needs only or based on your experience.

• Usually, one should start the dose with 2-3 grams, and include 0.5 grams on the next dose. The effect usually starts after 10 minutes of the consumption, but you should at least wait for 40 minutes, especially if your motive of using Kratom is energy and excitement.

• Many studies indicate that small amount of Kratom dose is stimulatory, but it is more beneficial as well as energizing than tea or coffee. Studies states that the invigorating impacts are not linked with rapid heart beats or restlessness, but body balance for better energy and vitality, and mind stimulation for deep and clear focus.

• With large doses (in capsules or in any other form), one might feel sedative and anxiolitic (antianxiety or antipanic agent) effects. Apart from this, it can help in reducing negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress. Best way for relaxation.

• While this natural herb (Kratom) is completely safe, some people think that it is a habit forming drug. I can be habit forming, but it has no risk of addiction or substance abuse. Of course, drinking tea or coffee also has some habit forming effects, but still we consume those caffeine drinks to focus as well as to revitalize our body. Kratom is a better option as it does not incorporate nicotine and caffeine. However, one should control Kratom dosage or consume it as suggested by an herbalist.

Bottom Line:
The FDA (Food and drug administration) considers Kratom as a new dietary ingredient; however, it is recommended to consult a medical expert before consuming any Kratom product.

Kratom Myths and Facts

After a recent study, organic as well as natural drugs are brought under investigation. This is the time when lots of myths as well as the misconceptions arise. One of those products is Kratom. It has been in the limelight for hundred of years due to its advantageous properties; however, there are many myths associated with it. Many people who never consumed this “Panace type” medicine are skeptical about the outcomes due to the misconceptions associated with it. To end this, you must know the Kratom myths as well as the facts. Unlike other harmful substances, it has no adverse reaction, as it is an herbal plant. Kratom products are easily available online, but a few people are just scared of buying them due to the misconceptions. Nevertheless, one should always consult a medical expert or physician before using Kratom.

Common Myths about Kratom and the Facts:

• Kratom is a synthetic drug: it is a myth. Fact: Kratom is widely available in most of the countries. There are many different outlets that sell Kratom online and offline. It is sold at different shops such as grocery stores and drug stores. If a medicine is available in synthetic drug store that doesn’t signify that it is also synthetic. Everyone is allowed to sell approved natural products.

• Myth: Kratom is anti-depressant medicine. Fact: Kratom helps reduce stress and overcome depression, as well as negative thoughts. It is not a complete cure for severe depression; however, Kratom can surely treat depression. Logic: There is a thin line between “treatment and cure”.

• Another common myth is Kratom abuse: it is not an abused substance. The fact is completely different because it never causes a feeling of lethargy or euphoria. There are no cases reported of substance abuse or any serious health hazard.

• Myth: Kratom is addictive. No! It is not. It contains alkaloids, not opiate substances. Due to the opiate like feeling after consuming Kratom, it causes a typical myth that Kratom has addictive features and even may cause serious threat to health. The truth is, Kratom is as dangerous as any well-known drink like tea or coffee. If you are addicted to tea or coffee, then this might also lead to an addiction. But, is it harmful? Certainly not.

Bottom Line:
There are many misconceptions regarding the consumption of Kratom; however, it is a natural plant. Its leaves are very beneficial for human body. Many people drink Kratom tea just to boost up their energy levels; just like drinking an energy drink.

Kratom Oral Dosage Guide

Kratom Oral Dosage Guide: How Much Kratom to Take
Not sure how much Kratom to take? Each person reacts differently to Kratom, so it is generally best to take a small dosage the first few times to see how your body responds. Then you can increase the dosage to get the desired effect. Also remember that some strains of Kratom are more potent, as are some formulations of Kratom.

Here is a general dosage guide for Kratom.

Kratom Powder (standard dried leaf)
• Threshold Effects: 2-4 grams
• Light Effects: 3-5 grams
• Moderate Effects: 4-10 grams
• Strong Effects: 8-25 grams

Kratom Powder (strong strains)
• Threshold Effects: 1-3 gram
• Light Effects: 2-4 grams
• Moderate Effects: 3-7 grams
• Strong Effects: 6-16 grams

Kratom Extract
• Threshold Effects: 1 gram
• Light Effects: 1-2 grams
• Moderate Effects: 2-4 grams
• Strong Effects: 3-8 grams

Always start out with the low threshold dosage when trying Kratom for the first time.

It is not recommended that you take a strong dosage until you have some experience with Kratom. Even then, this dosage may be too strong for most people!